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Family Law & Domestic Violence Attorney in Mesa, Arizona

Providing insightful, experienced representation on the issues that affect your family

Ruth M. Swenson, LLC is a law firm in Mesa, Arizona that concentrates on family law, child custody and domestic violence cases. Since 1993 we have adeptly handled cases involving contentious custody and child support matters. We handle difficult, emotionally charged issues that stem from domestic abuse and sexual assault, and we strive to break the cycle of violence and balance the power dynamic that has often put our clients at a disadvantage within their relationships.

Why we are different

At our law firm, you find a compassionate lawyer with more than 25 years of experience and a friendly, knowledgeable staff. Because we typically represent those with unequal power in their relationships, we understand the importance of listening to our clients' entire stories and offering options and guidance to most effectively resolve their individual cases.

Many of our clients come to attorney Ruth Swenson through referrals from other attorneys, social workers, psychologists, court systems, and police officers called to domestic disputes. She is often the final stop for her clients, after meeting with other family law attorneys. This is because relatively few other firms in the area have the experience, confidence and strength to handle your complex divorce cases. Our firm has built its reputation in Maricopa County on helping clients through contentious custody battles and representing clients against abusive partners.

In addition to her solo practice, Ruth is a trained mediator for private mediations and pro-tem judge for settlement conferences held through the Maricopa County Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program, so she knows how best to assist you in negotiations to reach compromises that work with your life and your family's needs. Still she knows that mediation, collaborative divorce and fair negotiation are not possible for every family or family law issue, so she is ready to go to court to argue on your behalf.

Any family law case is an extremely personal, deep-rooted matter. Ruth is sensitive to that and helps clients reach resolutions they can live with, and resolutions they would not reach without competent legal representation in court.

Advocacy beyond the courtroom

Calling Ruth M. Swenson, LLC means you get started on your case right away with effective, strong, compassionate, experienced legal counsel that extends beyond the courtroom. If you need or could benefit from additional guidance, Ruth knows the most helpful resources in Maricopa County and can help you begin anew both legally and personally.

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The law firm of Ruth M. Swenson, LLC is located in , First Financial Plaza, 1550 South Alma School Road (Holmes and Alma School entrance to Mesa's Fiesta Mall), which is easily accessible by public transportation. She serves clients from all over Arizona, with a focus on those in Maricopa County. To begin resolving your family law, divorce, child custody or domestic violence legal matter, call 480.649.3044 or contact us online today.