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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Mesa, Arizona

Living with a dangerous, unstable spouse or significant other can create a terrifying home environment for you and your children. Trying to get out safely may seem impossible. The law firm of Ruth M. Swenson, LLC routinely handles domestic violence matters for victims of domestic abuse throughout Maricopa County. We advocate for clients in family court proceedings while obtaining orders of protection for you and your children. To begin breaking the cycle of violence immediately, call us at 480.649.3044 today.

The importance of consulting an attorney in domestic abuse cases

Other law firms may brush over domestic violence or not treat it as seriously as the situation warrants. Attempting to resolve the problem on your own may result in further danger and a severe and avoidable violation of your rights.

Our firm understands the significance of these circumstances and how much control an abusive spouse can have on your life. Attorney Ruth Swenson uses her 25 years of experience to represent clients in all family law aspects of domestic violence, spousal abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse and mental abuse.

Ruth can help you in the following ways:

  • Inform you of Arizona's domestic violence laws and your rights within them
  • File restraining orders and orders of protection for you, your family members, or your significant other
  • Prepare petitions for child custody and child support and modifications of any existing orders
  • Prepare documents and evidence for Superior Court hearings
  • Represent you in all family court hearings and proceedings

Although many family law cases with legal counsel do not proceed to trial, we are always prepared to take our cases to court to fully advocate for any clients’ rights, particularly in a domestic violence case, where mediation and negotiation may not be effective.

Support services for domestic abuse victims

Abusive relationships within a family can continue to affect victims long after the issues are legally resolved. Ruth frequently directs clients to resources that allow them to rebuild their self-esteem and their ability to sustain themselves and their children.

Many children who have experienced any kind of domestic violence at home act out in school. Ruth's education background provides her with the insight to help your children receive the programs necessary to foster a healthy school environment conducive to learning and growth.

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The law firm of Ruth M. Swenson, LLC is located in , First Financial Plaza, 1550 South Alma School Road (Holmes and Alma School entrance to Mesa's Fiesta Mall), which is easily accessible by public transportation. She serves clients from all over Arizona, with a focus on those in Maricopa County. To begin resolving your family law, divorce, child custody or domestic violence legal matter, call 480.649.3044 or contact us online today.