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Divorce Mediation & Settlement in Arizona

Helping clients reach peaceful compromises

Especially when children are involved, a divorce does not create a definitive end to your relationship. You and your spouse may have to raise your children together or have financial binds to one another, and having a bitter courtroom split will make all future relations strained.

At Ruth M. Swenson, LLC in Maricopa County, we help clients look for acceptable compromises in finalizing the terms of their marital dissolutions through a variety of measures:

  • Divorce mediation
  • Collaborative divorce

These methods allow for couples to define the aspects of their divorces together in order to share ownership of the solution and, with less emotional stress and tension, resolve differences to move forward together for the sake of their children. Clients are in a better position to obtain the results they want from mediation and collaborative divorce than they would if they took their cases to family court and let a judge decide.

Of course, mediation and collaborative divorce are not the optimal means of divorce for every couple, particularly those in which domestic violence or abuse is a factor. Attorney Ruth Swenson meets with every client to assess their suitability for mediation and collaborative divorce.

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